Our mission is to instill a love of music and inspire joyful expression while teaching the basics of tempo, tone and rhythm. In education, music helps integrate all areas of learning. Music connects us not only to others around us and to other areas of learning, but to ourselves as well.

It connects an individual’s body, mind, ear and feelings. It helps wire a young child’s brain for acquiring reading, math, physical and social skills. Music helps memory and is the universal language, according to Longfellow, that draws us together despite vast differences between cultures, nations, generations and even centuries. Music is fun for all of us.

Our Primary Classes (ages 3-5 years) meet 1/2 hour each week for music. Each class time is balanced with singing, playing instruments and movement.

Montessori music

Our Montessori Music curriculum covers the following areas:

  • Steady Beat with Musical Instruments: We use drums, claves, triangles, bells, shakers, maracas and tambourines to practice making a steady beat. Echo songs are played and patterns are practiced. Children march and play at the same time to increase concentration and focus.
  • Singing: Music is a powerful force that can be used to persuade or encourage themes or ideas. Our songs are carefully chosen to reflect themes of patriotism, traditional American folk music, religious chapel themes and cultures from around the world. American Sign Language is also taught to the children.
  • Movement to Music: Circle games and movement song encourage large motor development. Children are asked to express themselves as they respond to various types of music. Many marching and clapping activities support this area of emotional and physical growth. We also work on crossing the midline of the body which is essential for learning to read.
  • Instruments and their Sounds: Our children begin the journey to recognizing orchestral families such as brass, woodwind, strings and percussion. We also introduce folk and cultural instruments.

~Carolyn Ely, MES Music Teacher